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Birds' nests are amazing creations made with skill, patience, and long labor. Each bird species builds its own type of nest. Some build in bushes, some in trees. Some lay their eggs directly on rocky ground or ledges. They use different types of natural materials found outside to form a basket. Some colder climate birds weave together grass and twigs or insulating materials to keep their eggs warm. Birds in warmer climates may use rocks to make gaps to help create airflow. Others might use a binding material like mud or their own saliva to help build up or support their home. Ground builders may want to camouflage their nests to protect from predators. Some build them extremely well, to protect them in trees from strong winds.

No matter how the nest is built, there is a common reason to build. A nest, or a home, is originally designed to be a place to dwell, protect, raise, and support each other. But what happens when the nest is not built well, broken, lost, damaged, or sometimes invaded by a predator?

Like the birds, we human beings were similarly designed by our Creator to build our homes in many different ways and in many different climates. We share the common task, like birds of the air, land, or sea, of making our home a well-built place, and a safe haven in our environments. Our home, or nest, is intended to live within raise our young, and protect what we have and love from predators.  This discussion group is intended for sharing our personal journeys of what happens when ”The Nest is Broken.”

Through Spirit-guided biblical study, prayer, and discussion, we will hear each other’s burden, weakness, and strength.* Wounded together, we will seek our Creator’s original plan for our home and His future hope for our circumstance. Like the birds who never nest alone, we hope to begin healing wounded hearts and souls from the destruction and pain we may be experiencing in broken or damaged relationships, separation of the family, and divorce of a marriage. Hope and healing can be found through the love of Jesus and the peace He restores to the wounded soul!

If you feel broken in ANY WAY’re welcome to nestle into a nesting place of peace, healing, and restoration, under the loving wings of our Heavenly Father and within a flock of caring people. You’re not alone!

How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God!
And the children of men take refuge in the shadow of Your wings

Psalm 36:7

For questions, dates and times, email Roxanne at

*This discussion group is developed from life experiences and biblical guidance for those 18 yrs up. We are not professionals with a PHD or Licensed Counseling.

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